Feast for the Senses: Taste & Touch


We have been to roughly 12 event dinners this year, many of them featured on this blog over the past few months. All of them were, hands down, the best meal in Mid-Missouri on that night. I dare you to challenge that. 

Last week was the final Blue Bell Farm Feast for the Senses dinner and it was the best way to finish off our dinner season. Not only was the food from Meriwether Cafe owners, Brandon and Whitney Vair, fantastic and wholly expected, the non-traditional cocktail hour activities took the whole night up a notch. As part of the “Taste & Touch” theme, guests created their own boutonnière or flower crown, were walked through making the perfect whiskey cocktail, and enjoyed a boozy beet and bourbon marshmallow s'more around the fire. 

Jamie Bryant, co-owner of Blue Bell Farm, began bringing these dinners out to their property in 2011 to help support local farmers markets. In 2014, Blue Bell took reign of the dinners in order to highlight the local chefs and farmers in the region as well as the amazing goods they grow and cook. 

"We saw the dinners as an opportunity to utilize and highlight the food being grown on our farm and other local farms," Bryant said. "The farm dinners are great because they not only bring the community together but also help support and bring awareness to our community of farmers and artists."

Something that we talk a lot about here at Feast Native, and why we keep finding ourselves at these event dinners, is the coming together of the community. From chefs to makers to table-mates to vendors, the best of the community is always on display. 

When asked what can be expected in the future, Bryant said: "In 2019, we plan to partner with local non-profits and the dinner proceeds will go towards funding specific programs in the community." We can't wait.

Cassie LeeComment