Nourish Cafe and Market Cooking Classes


Here at Feast Native, you know we are all about local businesses and chefs that find unique ways to share their craft with the community. While we have sung the praises of Nourish Café and Market previously, today we wanted to tell you a bit more about a special way they’re sharing their love of wellness and good food with Columbia: cooking classes! 

Several times a month, Chef Kimber Dean offers a cooking class. Previous classes have included healthy Halloween treats, making salads fun again, energy bites and bars, and even cooking classes for kids! Nourish’s cooking classes offer a hands-on cooking experience where you get to learn some delicious new recipes, meet new people, and eat some tasty dishes. 

Nourish and Chef Kimber Dean make good food and ingredients easy and accessible through these cooking classes, teaching you new ways to put a healthy spin on some of your favorite meals, sides, and desserts. The majority of the recipes you will learn about through these classes are vegan, dairy, gluten, soy, corn, processed sugar, pork, and peanut free! It’s a great way to learn more about the small changes you can make to everyday recipes and learn from one of the best chefs in town. 

We recommend grabbing a couple of friends or your partner and making a date out of it! It’s a great activity to participate in as a family as well. If cooking classes aren’t up your alley, or you prefer cooking at home, we recommend checking out Chef Kimber Dean’s new cookbook, Happy Baking and Desserts, available on Amazon! 

Their next cooking class is Thursday, November 15that 6pm. Chef Kimber Dean will teach attendees all about healthy Thanksgiving treats, just in time for the holidays! Learn more on their Facebook page, or call 573-818-2240 to reserve your spot. 

Cassie LeeComment