Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop


What do you get when you combine locally-sourced food, the Katy Trail, and bicycles? Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop, of course!

Husband and wife team, Brandon and Whitney Vair, opened Meriwether in Rocheport, Missouri in the summer of 2017. Their space, located at 700 1st St, right alongside the Katy Trail, underwent extensive renovation for nearly six months. The final product is the perfect combination of Brandon and Whitney's personalities and passions. From the lighting to the letter board menu, you'll love the personal yet simple touches on this space. 

Meriwether embodies everything we believe in here at Feast Native: fresh, small batch, locally-made, hand-crafted food. The majority of their food is locally sourced including all of their greens and one-hundred percent of their meats. This is flawlessly reflected in their revolving seasonal menu. Brandon and Whitney believe in the process of food and spend their time making breads, pastries, noodles, and even condiments from scratch. From house-made meatloaf to pop tarts, there's something for everyone. 

Beyond food, we love how Meriwether embodies the spirit of small-town Rocheport. You'll immediately notice the open kitchen, their welcoming patio, and the friendly faces that frequent this space. This place oozes genuine community.

From the quality menu to the quality people, you won't want to miss Meriwether next time you're in central Missouri. 


If you're planning your visit to Meriwether, here's what you need to know:

Café Hours: 8am til 7pm Thursday through Sunday. (Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

Bike Rental Hours: 9am til Sunset Thursday through Sunday. (Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

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