Revival at the Frederick


At first glance, Boonville, Missouri (population just under 9,000) wouldn't seem like the kind of town where you'd find a bustling food scene. That is, until you step foot inside Hotel Frederick and discover their restaurant, Revival Restaurant and Lounge. Revival, located in downtown Boonville, just steps away from the famous Katy Trail, has made a quick entrance onto the food scene since opening in September of 2017. 

Revival's head chef, Calvin Davis, is well-known for opening Freshwater in Kansas City, Missouri. In a tragic sequence of events, just months after Freshwater opened, a fatal car crash severely damaged the restaurant, forcing it to close in the summer of 2017. Davis told us, "June 17 was undoubtedly one of the most difficult days of my life."

Out of those ashes, Davis launched the aptly named Revival Restaurant and Lounge. While the name surely reflects the revival of Davis as a chef, it was also intended to convey the revival of Hotel Frederick's restaurant space which underwent extensive renovations prior to opening. 


Revival's cuisine is midwest-inspired with particular attention to locally-sourced products. Of particular note are Revival's chicken and eggs which come from Boatwright Farms. Davis boasts, "They aren't anything like chicken you find anywhere else, the meat has a different texture and the yolks of the eggs are so rich they're like a pre-made custard."

In addition to sourcing as locally as possible, Davis and his team make everything in-house from churning their own butter, to baking their own bread, to butchering their own meat. They believe that this fosters a more pure connection with the food they prepare and serve. At Feast Native, we get excited about Revival's focus on reducing food waste. They pickle, preserve, and process their way through every edible piece of food, leaving little to nothing behind. 

What sets Revival apart is their focus on hospitality. We have visited Revival a number of times and it's common to see Chef Davis checking in with each table personally during their dining experience, breaking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen and creating a more personal experience. Whether it's drinks at the bar or dinner in the dining room, you'll leave feeling like family every time. 

While visiting, you'll want to ask Davis about beverage pairings for your meal. Revival keeps an extensive collection of local craft beers and spirits, with particular attention to their wine list.  Davis has a passion for wine and believes "...a restaurant isn't complete without a true direction for the wine program."  At Revival they focus on Organic, Sustainable, Biodynamic wines from all over the world, and try to offer the best value possible.

Revival's ethos and culture revolves around the phrase "keep doing things right and people will respond." While Boonville may seem like a peculiar location for such a restaurant, they believe they've truly found the perfect destination. Chef Davis told us, "We want people to come to Boonville, stay in the hotel, eat great food, and experience this incredible, historic River town.  And the better we do our job, the more we contribute to that idea coming to life." Davis and his team have made a clear effort to plug into the Boonville community by becoming members of the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce, for example. Don't be surprised if you see Revival making big waves in this small town. 


If you're looking to book your next vacation or staycation, we highly recommend Hotel Frederick. 

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