Stem to Table Farm


We were initially introduced to Stem to Table Farm at a Sunday Supper event hosted by Peachtree Catering and we have been big fans ever since. Stem to Table Farm provides fresh, locally grown microgreens and produce to the community of Columbia, Missouri. 

Launched in February of 2017, Stem to Table Farm is owned by Clay and Jen Stem along with their two sons, Chase and Grady. The love of their craft and passion for providing their community with fresh food through natural farming becomes immediately apparent when speaking with them. All of their produce is grown on their 10-acre personal property which includes their porch-turned-greenhouse. Stem to Table Farm is also home to their family dogs, chickens, and even bees!

You might be asking yourself, what are microgreens? Microgreens are green vegetable or herbs that have edible leaves. Microgreens are harvested at the coteleydon growth stage which is when the first set of true leaves sprout. They're different from sprouts because they are grown with soil, unlike sprouts which are grown only using water. This process allows the microgreens to absorb minerals from the soil, resulting in several positive health benefits. 

Microgreens are nutrient-dense and act as antioxidants. Research has demonstrated that consumption of microgreens is correlated with reduced heart disease risk, reduced chronic disease risk, and decreased inflammation [source]. 

Stem to Table Farm offers multiple varieties including broccoli, sunflower, pea, cantaloupe, radish, cilantro, and many more. Our favorites are broccoli, pea, and their powerhouse mix. We love to add their microgreens to our eggs in the morning! 

All of Stem to Table's microgreens are purely a labor of love. Clay is so dedicated to his craft that he has figured out, mostly through trial and error, the ideal growing methods and conditions for his greens. This has required a considerable amount of patience and drive, which is what we love most about Stem to Table Farm: you know their products were created with loving care and the results are something you can feel comfortable feeding your family. 


Microgreens are only one focus of Stem to Table Farm. They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring so that they can ramp up their outdoor veggie production.  In addition to microgreens, Stem to Table Farm will also be offering their customers salad mix, cherry tomatoes, young squash/zucchini, assorted peppers, and even beans! They also offer bee-related products including balms and solid colognes. 


You can find Stem to Table Farm's products at Lucky's and the three Hyvee locations in Columbia, Missouri. They will also be at the Columbia Farmer's Market starting this March! Looking into the future, Clay has big plans to begin planting edible flowers, so keep your eye out for those!

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