Welcome to Feast Native


Cassie is a blogger. Matt is a photographer. Asa is our little one. While these are our first loves, we were ready for something new to challenge and excite us in these endeavors. Food is one of our passions, and after a spectacular Sunday Supper executed by Peachtree Catering in Columbia, Missouri, we formed an idea of how we could work together and pursue a new avenue of creativity for both of us. That's when Feast Native was born. 

Feast Native isn't your normal food blog. You don't have to search far on any social media platform to find fantastic food photos, reviews, and recipes. We didn't want to stop there. While we love taking photos of our food and telling you how amazing those meals are, we want you to know where the ingredients came from, the inspiration behind the plates shared, and the hearts behind the individuals that crafted them with passion and care. 

We aren't critics. We aren't reviewing new restaurants or different dishes from our old standbys. We are here to bring you into the kitchen to introduce you to the people behind the food, because relationships are as important to us as eating really good food. 

So, really, this is less a food blog and more a people blog. This is a blog about the makers, chefs, farmers, and food entrepreneurs that value fresh, local ingredients and the local economy. We're about the people that make connections in their community a priority and have a heart for doing so. 

While we do hope you like the food photos featured on Feast Native, it's more important to us that you enjoy the story behind the food. If we can encourage even one person to patronize one of our featured restaurants, farms, or shops simply because they connected with the story we shared, we think we have done a pretty good job.

While our home base is Columbia, Missouri, you can expect to learn about food, ingredients, and chefs from around the country (and maybe even the world). Join us?

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