Giofre Apiaries

HONEY. ICE. CREAM. It is just a divine as it sounds. 

In 2009, Nancy Giofre brought two bee hives home to the Giofre's property in Millersburg, Missouri. Little did Nancy and Domenic know, this hobby would turn into a popular novelty in the coming years. While the Giofres did not initially set out to make ice cream, when the opportunity presented itself in 2013, Domenic jumped at the opportunity. Nancy had her bees, and now Domenic had his ice cream. Together, this resulted in honey ice cream. 

The Giofres dove in head-first and committed to making 5,000 cups of ice cream for the Missouri State Fair, which was set to happen just four months after their building was completed in 2014. They successfully pulled it off and have been dominating the ice cream scene as Giofre Apiaries ever since, spanning the whole state in just under four years. You can find their ice cream at various locations throughout Missouri. While Giofre Apiaries has been incredibly successful, you won't find that their quality, attention to details, or passion for the craft has been sacrificed. 

What we love about Giofre Apiaries is their focus on sustainability and local products. Giofre Apiaries doesn't only make local honey ice cream; they also make lotions, honey sticks, bee bread, you name it. This results in close to zero waste! Their ice cream containers are even compostable. Nancy and Domenic incorporate additional local ingredients, like strawberries, nuts, bacon, and even beer into their products which allows them to support local businesses while providing fresh products. Some of our favorite flavors include coffee buzz, salted caramel with bacon, and the Broadway Brewery Imperial Stout. They recently made a venture into lactose-free ice cream and it is delicious!

Giofre Apiaries doesn't just stop at delicious ice cream. The Giofres have a passion for sharing their love of bees and use their platform to do so. For example, Nancy and Giofre put educational bee facts on their ice cream, hoping to spread awareness about bees and honey. This is especially important in light of the honeybee crisis which has resulted in a rapid decline in bees over the last decade. Something that threatens both their business and their love of bees.  

Looking to the future, Giofre Apiaries has big plans to start making honey butter and shipping online orders! Keep an eye out on our instagram for updates on Giofre Apiaries!

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