range free


Range free Bakery and Cafe, located in Columbia, Missouri, is an allergen-friendly place for those who struggle to find a menu that fits their dietary needs. Anna Meyer, owner of range free, opened it out of necessity after she was diagnosed with severe allergies in 2009. While Anna worked in bakeries for a number of years, she told us that using the word "passion" to describe her felt like a funny word. It wasn't necessarily that Anna wanted to start the business out of her deep love for allergen-free cooking and baking, but, rather, to bring her ability to make allergen-free food to her community. 

Range free boasts a from-scratch menu free from five of the top eight allergens (wheat, peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish) plus gluten. In addition, each dish can be made without the remaining three top allergens: egg, dairy, and soy. If you've ever tried to make gluten-free anything, you know this is an honorable feat. All of Anna's ingredients come from producers that are also dedicated to being allergen-free. 

Because Range free is allergen-free, this creates the perfect, no-brainer partnership with local producers. Being able to connect directly with those providing the ingredients ensures that Anna can go straight to the source to understand the entire production process. This guarantees the best allergen-free dishes make it onto your plate. Range free's menu features local partnerships with businesses such as Missouri Legacy Beef, Patchwork Farms, and Stanton Brothers. 

While range free currently offers counter-service, Anna mentioned that she would love range free to evolve into more of a sit-down style restaurant. She believes this would offer a more customer-centered experience where each diner is made to feel heard. While this might not be in the cards immediately, Anna is already creating a sense of family among her small group of five employees. 

We love what range free is all about and we cannot wait to see where the future takes Anna and her team. 

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