MidMO Soap Company

MidMo Soap Company, owned by Mandy Mooney of Columbia, Missouri, focuses on culinary inspired, small-batch soap. While soap might not initially appear to be a local food product, that could't be further from the truth.

The base of MidMO's soap is tallow, a product rendered from beef fat that resemble's our skin's natural oils. Mandy's tallow comes from local businesses and butcher shops in Columbia, including Barred Owl Butcher & Table and Show Me Farms. A believer in the "nose-to-tail" philosophy, Mandy finds value in utilizing every part of the animal, similar to how our distant ancestors would have done.

MidMO Soap Co. uses culinary-grade essential oils, herbs, and other food products to give her soaps different antioxidant and exfoliant properties. Examples includes a beer soap dubbed "The Ginger," which made with Logboat beer, and "Red Eye Gravy" made with espresso grounds. Each batch of soap goes through a six-week aging process which makes the soap last longer. While one benefit of MidMo's natural soap is that it's easy on the skin, it can also be used as a cleaning product and is excellent at removing stains, dirt, bacteria, and grime in a natural, chemically-free way. 

What we love about MidMo Soap Co. is that Mandy initially learned how to make soap from her mother-in-law, and continues to use her heirloom recipe. While Mandy has only been making commercial products since 2016, we think MidMo will be making big waves in the coming years. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our Facebook page, and follow Mandy on Instagram.

Currently, you can find MidMO Soap Company's products at Barred Owl Butcher & Table or you can contact Mandy directly at mmsoapco@gmail.com to inquire about purchasing options. 

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