Sunday Supper


What do you get when you cross Sunday with an immersive food experience? No, not communion. Sunday Supper!

Sunday Supper is a series of immersive dinners hosted by Peachtree Catering in and around Columbia, Missouri. Sunday Supper was born when Amanda Elliott realized the lost treasure of consistently bringing people together around the table for a meal. She started with her own family and kept it simple: a new house each month, gathering around the table to enjoy a meal in each other's company. Amanda quickly realized the value behind these Sunday Suppers and together her and Peachtree Catering owner, Ben Hamrah, decided this was an experience they wanted to bring to the local community.  

While you can expect a delicious meal and stellar location at each Sunday Supper, for Amanda and Ben it is more about sharing experiences through food. Guests walk in with no idea what is on the menu or what will have inspired that month's event, instilling a sense of wonder and surprise that can often get lost in today's fast-paced world. Amanda told us:

" We want [our guests] to try everything and we think the best way to do that is by just bringing food and making them try it without any preconceived notions. There is such a high that we as cooks get from preparing food and curating these dishes, because it is often paired with a memory. To be able to bring our guests in on that experience and see them ride that wave with us... well, it's euphoric."

From the venue and environment, to the food and drink, Sunday Supper will put you back in touch with the food you eat and the company you keep. 

What we love about Sunday Supper is how Amanda and Ben incorporate local products. They aim to utilize unconventional ingredients and produce as a way to push people beyond the boundaries of their typical diets. Some of their favorite local vendors include Sullivan Farms and Stem to Table Farm. In addition, Ben and Amanda recently started growing their own produce and have plans to collaborate with Storybook Farms to start growing some unusual varietals of produce! We also love that they use local companies, such as Superior Garden Center, to bring their visions alive.


Beyond the food, Sunday Supper also includes wine pairings. All of the wines are from Claverach Farm in St. Louis, Missouri. Claverach Farm produces natural wines which are made without the use of harmful chemicals and additives. Talk about impressive! 

On a personal note, Feast Native was born out of a particularly noteworthy Sunday Supper experience. As such, we are complete believers in this culinary team and experience. It really is something worth getting excited about.

Are you ready to join in on the fun? The best way to stay informed about upcoming Sunday Suppers is to follow Amanda and Peachtree Catering on Instagram. We will also be sharing details on our monthly newsletter, sign up HERE

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