Nourish Cafe and Market


Kimber Dean, co-owner of Nourish Cafe and Market, moved to Columbia, Missouri in 2014. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, plus a degree in personal nutrition and her yoga certification, she had a passion to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with her community. Kimber intially started a catering business in town while teaching yoga on the side. It was at one of her yoga classes where she met future co-owner, Kalle LeMone. 

When Kalle first approached Kimber about opening a restaurant, Kimber turned her down. After all, they barely knew each other and running a business was a serious undertaking. Through Kalle's persistence and their mutual love of healthy food and a wholistic lifestyle, Kimber eventually agreed and Nourish was born. 

Nourish Cafe and Market opened in June of 2016 with a specific focus on healthy, local, and mostly organic food. Nourish caters to a range of dietary needs and is gluten, soy, corn, and processed sugar free. Dishes can also be made dairy- and nut-free. There is truly something for everyone and their goal is to provide their community with food that makes them feel good, which they recognize differs from person to person. 

Local food is important to Nourish and they use local products as much as possible, including vegetables from Happy Hollow Farm and tortillas from Cassava Mama Tortillas. Their menu is constantly evolving due the seasonal availability of local products. Kalle and Kimber compost all of their food waste through Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture. In addition, Kimber hosts regular cooking classes at Nourish. This gives the Columbia community the opportunity to learn about good food through a more personal, hands-on experience. Can you say impressive


Here at Feast Native, we are big fans of Nourish and their mission to serve Columbia. They genuinely care about their community, which not every restaurant can say. You can stay up to date on their happenings via Facebook or by signing up for their newsletter. 

Next week we will be sharing a bit about Kimber Dean's new cookbook, Happy Baking and Desserts, which is being released this summer. You won't want to miss it!

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