Happy Baking and Desserts Cookbook Review

*Feast Native had the opportunity to review a pre-print copy of Chef Kimber Dean's new cookbook, Happy Baking and Desserts, due out this summer. All opinions are honest and our own. 


Chef Kimber, co-owner of Nourish Cafe and Market in Columbia, Missouri, will be releasing her new cookbook this summer. We caught a sneak peek of her new cookbook, Happy Baking and Desserts, and we're so excited to share what we thought with you all.  If you've ever tried baking anything gluten free, you know it can be tricky. Try to cook without soy, corn, peanuts, dairy, and processed sugar takes this level of difficulty to a whole new level. That's why we rely on trusted professionals, like Chef Kimber Dean, to guide us in the right direction. 

Overall, the cookbook is neatly organized, clear, and simple. The recipes are easy to find and follow, and don't include a laundry list of ingredients that leave you feeling lost. Each recipe has somewhere between five and eight total steps and fits on a single page. What we really love about Chef Kimber's cookbook isn't just the great recipes, but the stories behind them. Whether the recipe was inspired by making cookies with her mother or wanting to enjoy s'mores with her family during a campout, each story facilitates a sense of connectedness. To us, food is all about connecting with others and you'll walk away from this cookbook feeling just that. 

Alright, are you dying to hear what we thought of the finished products? The short story is, we absolutely loved every single one of them! But, we'll give you the long story too: we tried five recipes: bagels, pizza crust, chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookie dough, and vanilla cupcakes.

Carb Lovers Delight

We were honestly amazed at how well the bagels and pizza crust turned out. When we've cooked gluten free in the past, the finished product often turns out spongey and thick - definitely not a gluten-free carb lovers delight. Happy Baking and Desserts' bagels and pizza crust, on the contrary, were light and fluffy. Absolutely amazing. 

The Desserts You'll Make Time & Time Again

The sweets, which included the chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookie dough, and vanilla cupcakes were also a hit. You would never know that these didn't have gluten or processed sugar in them. The baked cookies were our favorite recipe by far. Coming in a close second was the no bake cookie dough. Cassie has an obsession with cookie dough but often avoids it due to the raw eggs. NOT THIS TIME. Let's just say, it didn't last long in this house. We also loved the vanilla cupcakes and felt comfortable feeding the cake (without the frosting) to our 10-month old son. He also approved. 

If you're not used to baking or making desserts that are gluten, soy, peanut, dairy, and processed sugar free, you might feel hesitant about trying some of these recipes. One concern might be the food costs or finding the ingredients locally. We were surprised at how easy and fairly affordable it was to make these. We were able to find all of the ingredients included in these recipes at our local grocer and on Amazon. Happy Baking and Desserts makes eating healthy easy and accessible.

Overall, we were huge fans of the cookbook and specific recipes we tried. Keep an eye out for the release of Happy Baking and Desserts, available for purchase this summer at all major retailers, as well as online. For $25 per copy, we think it's a steal.  

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