Root Cellar Local Food Box


Let’s be honest, it is sometimes difficult to eat the way you want. It sounds good to eat locally, but is it something you always think about? Farm-to-Table has become such a buzz word recently, but what does it actually mean and can you trust that your grocery store or favorite restaurant is staying true to the term?

Eating locally can be hugely beneficial. You support local farmers, save greenhouse gas emissions (because your food isn’t traveling halfway around the world to you), and food simply tastes better and feels better to eat. But where is the “local only” section at your regular grocery store? How do you filter through all the products to find the one made in your state? And is it really better for you?

All good questions that can turn into a daunting task to overcome. Plus, eating locally means you may sacrifice eating those strawberries in the winter, squash in the summer, and that spinach you always count on for your salad. And of course, some of those vegetables just look ugly compared to what you normally find on the shelf at the grocery store (hello, alien green peppers). 

We get it. It’s not always easy to transition away from the convenience of what you find in the grocery store for those things that are readily growing around you. But, here is our challenge to you. Try it. 

One thing we have found since starting Feast Native is that it is a little uncomfortable to buy locally. In addition to the seasonal aspect, you have to expand your food repertoire, try new things, and be alright with not having your favorite vegetables or fruits all the time. Because that’s how real food grows. You might also have to spend a bit more, but we promise it is worth it.

Plus, it just feels good to put a face and name to the gal or guy that put their work into the food you are enjoying at each meal. To shake the hand of the farmer that grew the tomato that you put on your BLT makes that BLT a little more special and enjoyable. It puts us back in touch with where our food comes from.

Little steps toward local eating can make a huge difference. At Feast Native, we don’t eat 100% local, but we do prioritize supporting our local economy which helps us rest assured that we are eating healthier and helping a neighbor make a living. 


So, here is one easy way that you can start eating local. If you are in Columbia, MO check out Root Cellar's weekly subscription boxes. While this is a plug for them, we aren’t getting anything in return. We simply believe in what they are doing and the boxes of produce, meat, and other goods that we get from them every week. The owners, Chelsea and Jake, personally curate every item that goes in the box. If one week is a little light because rain dampened harvesting, they make up for it in a future box when the crops have recouped and the harvest is abundant. As such, you know you are always getting your money’s worth. The boxes include things like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, clover honey, tortillas, strawberries, blueberries, salsa, bacon(!!!), sausage, pork loins, kale, beets, and so many more things. 

You can take a few weeks off every season if you are out of town on vacation and don’t want to pay for the box that week. And if there is something in the box that you absolutely don’t want, they have a "treading post" at the store so no food has to go to waste. You can read more here


Give them a try and let us know what you think! If you are doing something to eat locally, tell us about it on social media (#FeastNative) so we can give you a shoutout for keeping it local!

Happy Feasting!

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