Cafe Berlin


From the start, Feast Native's goal has been to focus on the people behind the food. Without the people behind the scenes, their would be no Farm-to-Table movement in the first place. We recently sat down with Chef Jess Bowman of Cafe Berlin to chat about what Cafe Berlin does best: food and community (in no particular order). 

While Cafe Berlin certainly serves outstanding food, their main focus is really about something bigger. It's about creating a family, a place where everyone can walk through the door and feel like they belong, regardless of the differences that can sometimes set us apart.

Cafe Berlin has made it a goal to focus on expressing values they care about, sometimes sacrificing profit for the greater good of the Columbia, Missouri community. True to this goal is their unofficial slogan "Everyday for Good." For example, Cafe Berlin hosts "Food Fight" during which all their profits from Friday morning breakfast and lunch, once a month for six months out of the year, are donated to a charity. This is just one of the many ways they give back. 

Regarding their food, Cafe Berlin prioritizes the use of local ingredients and supporting the local economy. They are constantly looking for ways to source their products locally and, in doing so, have created lasting relationships with farmers and small business owners in the area. Chef Bowman said, "if it's available - [we] use it" when asked about how Cafe Berlin decides which items on their menu will come from local providers. This list includes places like Logboat Brewery, Patchwork Farm, El Patron Tortillerilla, and Three Creeks Produce, just to name a few. 


Cafe Berlin has always been a personal favorite of Feast Native's and we hope you can see why our shared values make them a business worth visiting. 

Cassie LeeComment