Happy Hollow Farm


When we think of the day-to-day tasks of vegetable farmers we might think about things like planting, watering, and harvesting. But what about cleaning, tractor and vehicle repair, general handiwork and construction, electrical wiring, and tending to livestock? These activities describe a day in the life for Liz Graznak, farmHer and owner of Happy Hollow Farm in Jamestown, Missouri. 


In graduate school, Liz joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program and fell in love with farming. Near the conclusion of her graduate program, she began working on a farm outside of Washington D.C., solidifying her decision to pursue a career in this line of work. Shortly after, she returned to Columbia, Missouri, her hometown, to chase her dream of starting a farm. 

During this time, Liz worked at several garden centers. It was through one of these jobs that she met the previous owner of Happy Hollow Farm, who had decided to sell. Unfortunately, this was in 2007, just prior to the financial crash. Liz, recognizing the opportunity, did everything in her power to purchase the farm including taking loans from family. In November 2007, nearly six years after moving back to Columbia to pursue farming, Liz had scraped together the funds to purchase Happy Hollow Farm, thus beginning her formal venture into full-time farming. 

Nestled in the rolling hills along the Missouri River is where you’ll find the USDA certified organic farm. It’s a beautiful space that is home to acres and acres of fertile soil, beautiful crops, and several animals. Liz grows everything from herbs, to squash, to flowers. 

Since purchasing the farm, Liz has continued to develop the space by adding a barn, a greenhouse, several high tunnels, and even walk-in coolers. “You have to learn how to do everything for yourself because I can’t afford to hire someone,” said Graznak. Liz told us how grateful she is for the community of individuals that support Happy Hollow Farm. Because of this support, she is able to train interns and employ several additional workers, building up the next generation of farmers and farmHers while doing what she loves. 

You can find Happy Hollow farm at the Columbia Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 8am to 12pm or you can sign up for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program.

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