Columbia's Farm-to-Table Community


We love Farm-to-Table dinners and it's no secret that we feature them a lot here on Feast Native. Some are traditional, everything-on-your-plate-is-from-a-local-farm dinners, and some are a little more imaginative and creative. They all provide fantastic food. Most supply a sense of connecting with the food you eat in a more tangible way.

What draws us to not only talking about them in this space, but also continually seeking them out to be a part of, is the aspect of community. Feast Native has always been about the people behind the food first. And a farm-to-table dinner is simply the best way to showcase everything we love about the food community in one place. 

Columbia Farmers Market recently held their annual fundraiser dinner. Every piece of food in the multitude of courses offered was donated. Read that sentence again and let it sink in. Every single bite of food was donated. That is a huge expense, considering there were 100 hungry diners who were lucky enough to secure their seat. But not one person had to bear the burden of supplying every bite. There were farms from all over the region and partners with the Columbia Farmers Market and vendors who all came together to supply their specialty. The veggie farmer didn't have to be on the hook for the whole hog. The cheese producer didn't need to supply the edible flowers. Everyone had a specialty and it lessened the burden on the rest. Community. 

The theme carries beyond the suppliers and into the kitchen. Not one chef was on the hook to produce the whole meal. Sure, Barred Owl hosted but there were chefs from at least 5 or 6 other establishments in town putting together a carefully orchestrated meal, and everyone had their place and expertise. Thus, again, lessening the burden on one or two chefs to produce a huge meal for the diners. Community. 

And let's just talk about the fact that this was a fundraiser for the Columbia Farmers Market to continue to give back a vital resource to the community. The Columbia area benefits greatly from a growing and bustling farmers market where the local residents have access to locally grown produce, where the customers help support the work of local farmers; you eat healthier for buying fresh and the money stays in our local economy. It's a win-win for, yes, you guessed it, community. 

We have always been about the people and supporting those who deserve the recognition for doing things they are passionate about. For that reason, we have designed shirts for our Feast Native family. 

Feast Native is not just a brand but an ethos to eat locally and become a native to the culture around you. To build community and tell the stories of those who are working passionately to do something that is a mostly thankless job because they love what they do. So we encourage you to Feast Native and support the local food economy. For that reason, we are selling Feast Native shirts for $20 each and donating 50% of profits to the Build This Town campaign for the new Columbia Farmers Market Agricultural Park. 


To order a shirt, please send an email to with your name, shirt quantity, shirt size(s), and an address for where we can send them. Shirts come in unisex sizing. Please order by August 31st! We will be in contact about payment after we receive your email!

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