Good Food Co.


Jill Rostine wakes up at 4am on her weekends to make sure the cases of Good Food Co. are filled to the brim with all your favorite baked goods by 8am. In the hour we sat at her counter before they opened, we watched her move the sticky buns, walnut, blue cheese and fig rolls, cinnamon sugar “brioche babies,” and scones (among many other delicious items) from the proofer to the oven and finally to the case for purchase. Which means, when you walk in, you are guaranteed to get the freshest baked goods you could imagine.

Beyond freshness, you’re getting the expertise and creativity of someone with years of experience as a baker who now has the freedom of her own shop, resulting in endless possibilities. 

Tucked away in the North Village Arts District, next to Fretboard Coffee and across the street from range free, Good Food Co. is a labor of love. In a building which needed a lot of TLC (think huge hole in the floor), the process to turn her dream into a physical reality has been longer for Jill than expected. However, even before the doors opened, Jill was slinging her goods to the farmers at the Columbia Farmers Market before market began. After the market closed, if anything was left over she would barter with the other producers for produce, which she would then use in her goods for the following week. She creates food from farmers market finds that even sweet-averse individuals, who may normally avoid the bakery, would love. For example, the bacon, Patchwork Farm sausage, collard greens, and white cheddar brioche roll. Delicious. 

It may be a stretch to think of a bakery keeping close relationships with local farmers, but for Good Food Co., thats just a part of their process. Being a member of the local food community means giving back to others in the community. 

Good Food Co. is still in its infancy, having opened in January 2018, but Jill is finally getting a feel for growing into a brick and mortar space of her own and has high hopes for Autumn, the traditionally popular baking season. With expanding lunch and catering options, Good Food Co. seems to be on the rise to become a favorite morning baked good stop and dessert bar for the after dinner crowd.


Pro tip: Check the hours on the Good Food Co. site before heading over and stop by Fretboard Coffee for a caffeine pairing morning, noon or night. 

Cassie LeeComment