We Want That


We have had several conversations about “favorite restaurants” lately. We usually see the same names rising to people’s lips: Barred Owl, Flyover, Wine Cellar, 44 Canteen, etc. And by all means, those restaurants deserve all of the accolades and praise, and we find ourselves gravitating to their doorsteps more times than not as well. But, what we wish we could say is “Sunday Supper.”

Unfortunately, Sunday Supper is not open daily, they have no specific location to arrive to and when the mood for an amazing dinner arises, you can’t find yourself at Sunday Supper whenever you want. But, we so want that. We want the creativity and flare from Amanda Elliot and Ben Hamrah, and whomever they pull in along side them for the evening. We want the changing menus, the surprise. We want the confidence in eating something new, exciting, and well prepared every time our desire for a great meal strikes. We want that. 

Then again, maybe we don’t want that. 

The excitement and energy that surrounds these dinners exists because it only happens once per month. It allows everyone involved to come up with their wildest food memories, test recipes, challenge the status quo, and offer the diners something they can’t have everyday. The menus are so exciting and out of the realm of what others are doing in this town that you need time to receive and process what you've just experienced. This is the exact reason why we want these dinners every night. But fulfillment of our immediate desires is exactly the reason why we shouldn’t have them every night. It would be unjust to Ben and Amanda to have to create and deliver the same excitement and experience every night. We would burn out on the experience and so would they. 

We so want the experience of Sunday Supper whenever the mood for a night out arises, but at the same time, maybe we don’t. Maybe once a month is plenty and that’s what makes it so exciting, leaving us wanting more. We find ourselves transported to a new country, borough, or state every time the words “Sunday Supper” arrive in our email inbox. 


Until next time. Until we are captivated, again, by the experience they create, we’ll just have to wait, hoping one day it is Sunday and we have a Supper waiting for us.

Cassie LeeComment