Feast for the Senses


If you hear the words “Blue Bell Farm” and you live in or around mid-Missouri, you know someone is probably talking about a wedding. A wedding that they attended or maybe their own wedding. Blue Bell Farm is the preeminent wedding venue in mid-Missouri. And for good reason. It’s absolutely gorgeous and stunning in all details.

We at Feast Native want to change the wedding narrative. If you have been to any of their Feast for the Senses dinners, you now know Blue Bell Farm as a preeminent foodie stop during the hot summer and cool autumns of Mid Missouri. With passed dishes like chicken liver mousse with citrus, and spiced lamb kebab on a cinnamon stick with labneh, you know you are in for a treat before even taking a seat.  

What we have discovered is that you have to keep your eyes open to land at the best food parties in our region. It takes some social media scouring, some talk amongst friends, and a healthy dose of knowing some people in the industry. As a result, you probably know that the best food in Missouri isn’t found at a restaurant. It’s found at these every-so-often farm dinners that showcase the best of the region in an all-out, bare knuckle, no-holds-barred display of talent, taste, and experience. The chefs have no restrictions except being exceptional in their craft for one night and wowing the diners with their skills. No wedding invitation needed. 

On this particular evening, the guests were treated to a theme of “scent.” From the orange oil mist on the servers during the appetizer hour, to the peppermint explosion when hot water was poured over top of the table-long troughs and, our favorite, the smoldering of a combination of herbs and spices before the dessert came out, it was a full sensory experience that didn’t begin and end with the food. Although, the chocolate soaked date cake with whipped caramelized marshmallow was a great way to end the incredible evening.

There are still a few farm dinners on the horizon in mid-Missouri, but as time marches on and we draw ever closer to winter, the fantastical feasts are soon to wrap up. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience an untraditional dinner out and skip the restaurant in favor of an all out dinner al fresco. Whether it is the last Feast for the Senses dinner at Blue Bell Farm in November, or one of the upcoming Sunday Suppers with Peachtree Catering, you will be in for a gastronomic treat. 

Vendors featured in photos: Blue Bell Farm, Pretty Lil Things, Sugarberry Blossoms, Hempsley Health, Peachtree Catering, Claverach Farms, The Ink Cafe

Cassie LeeComment